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Title: Athletics

ID: 600s/622

Extent: 0.0

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Box 622-09: Renee Gerstenberger (ad min assistant Parrott Convocation Center) Collection 9/4/2020Add to your cart.

<p align="center"> Athletics Department Cleaning

<p align="center"> (from Renee Gerstenberger 9/4/2020)

LOCATION: FC8,  bottom drawer (5)


<ol> <li> ONU Men’s Basketball Team Hawaii Trip  (names of players on back of photos)</li> <li> Kenny Miller</li> <li> Tyler Field</li> <li> Rodney Smith (2001-02)  (NAIA NAT’L)</li> <li> Jeff Park (2002 McKendree Natl’s)</li> <li> National Tourney Men’s Basketball Team  (1997-98)  (names of players on back of photos)</li> <li> Shannon Swilley (male) (basketball)</li> <li> Men’s Basketball playing at Market Square Arena  (1994-95)  (names of players on back of photos)</li> <li> Men’s and Women’s Basketball Team  (working at Habitat for Humanity 1998)</li> <li> Men’s Basketball vs IUPUI Jan 10th 1997-98  (names of players on back of photos)</li> <li> Zach Freeman  1997-02  (other players/coaches names on back of photos)</li> <li> NAIA National Tournament vs Spring Hill  (1998-99) (names of players on back of photos)</li> <li> Ben Langenau</li> <li> Men’s Basketball NAIA National Tournament 1992</li> <li> Jack Michaels</li> <li> Brian McCauley</li> <li> Drew Neal 1996-00</li> <li> Final Four 1999-00  (names of players on back of photos)</li> <li> Men’s Basketball vs St. Francis (names of players on back of photos)</li> <li> Hercules Moore (99-00 NAIA National Tournament)</li> <li> 1983-84 Athletics Staff (names on back)</li> <li> Game announcers Gary Griffin, Jim Knight, Jeff Bonty, Jeff Domalgaski, Wendy Parsons</li> <li> Chris Graham</li> <li> Scott McClellan (posed head shot)</li> <li> Adrian Provose (posed head shot) and action shots</li> <li> Nathan Johnson (posed head shot)</li> <li> Dan Vondrie (posed head shot)</li> <li> Santie ??? (posed head shot)</li> <li> Brad Strebach (posed head shot)</li> <li> Corey Zink  (posed head shot)</li> <li> Jason Mulligan (posed head shot)</li> <li> Hisson (posed head sot)</li> <li> David Taylor (posed head shot)</li> <li> Jaynes (posed head shot)</li> <li> Jackson (posed head shot)</li> <li> Corzett (posed head shot)</li> <li> Hasselbring (posed head shot)</li> <li> Harmon (posed uniform)</li> <li> Hodge (posed)</li> <li> Terry Mc Kay (posed with team)</li> <li> Men’s Football team photo 1997 championship</li> <li> Jeff Dillingham</li> <li> Jeremy Foster (also in photo Chris Graham and Jeremy Yoder)</li> <li> Chris Gram (Graham?)</li> <li> CCAC Championship--Jeff Dillingham and Jeremy Foster with net co captains, trophy photo with Chris Graham, Jeremy Foster, Jeff Dillingham</li> <li> Andy Roberts</li> <li> Steve Mc Carty with coaches and action shots</li> <li> Tony Hodge</li> <li> Jeremy Foster with others</li> <li> Jeff Park with Coach Hodge</li> <li> D. J. Harris</li> <li> Bob Cook</li> <li> Brad Strebeck</li> <li> Fernando Batista</li> <li> Handful of photos unmarked, no information</li></ol>

Folder 622-10: Sam Viebrock Collection (from Crow's Nest, Birchard Gym)Add to your cart.

<p align="center"> Files From the Crow’s Nest

<p align="center"> (sent over by Sam Viebrock)

location: FC8 drawer 5

The following files were found and cleaned out from the Crow’s Nest in Birchard Gymnasium.  They contain documents, letters and some photos.

Olivet Golf tournaments—homecoming and other

‘All Sports’ Banquets

Tenure—involving mostly Ken Richardson

Annual Reports—formation and growth of intercollegiate sports

Testimonials—news articles and other documents with testimonials from student athletes

Homecoming 75th-sports activities and games

Other—mostly playbook schedules for football and other articles belonging to Coach Ward


Noteworthy Correspondence—letter written to Larry Watson, letter written by Obie Coomer

Large envelope—75th Homecoming, photo of BB players marching in gymnasium advocating for intercollegiate sports, K3 Daily News article about Coach Ward resigning.