Miller Business Center

Miller Business Center was constructed in 1926 for St. Viator’s College to be used as a dining hall. When Olivet bought the property, we continued to use it as a dining hall 1940-1966. In 1967 the building was remodeled and renamed Miller Business Center. Named for Dr. Howard V. Miller, a General Superintendent for the Nazarene Church.

An early photo shows Miller as the dining hall. The building is currently used as offices for Student Finances and Human Resources.

These photos of Miller in 1940 and present day show little change to the outside of the building. It still sports a shaggy, ivy covering although now there are comfy benches flanking the front along with freshened landscaping.

Watch Abby Bennett from Access ONU (COMM 276) under the leadership of Mark Bishop.
This video about Miller Business Center was created in Fall 2021.